Ask a Hairstylist: Can You Make Your Hair Grow Faster in One Month?

In a dream world, we'd have hair like a Crissy doll: Pull on it to make it grow within seconds and wind a button to make it shorter. There'd be no more post-haircut shrieks of panic or oscillating between whether or not get a lob. We'd stop downing biotin gummies like candy and earn back the time spent longing at past photos when our lengths grazed the base of our ribcages. Like we said, dream world.

Instant hair growth would also nix the quarterly Google search of how to make your hair grow as quickly as possible (doing so might have even brought you to this very article!). According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, hair grows half an inch per month, but that doesn't prevent us from being convinced that we can, in fact, cheat science and speed up the process. 

To find out if it's really possible to make your hair grow faster in a few weeks' time, we asked several hairstylists for their honest input. Their answers, below.