The £10 Expert-Approved Oil That Helps Your Brows Grow

How to grow eyebrows

Some beauty trends come and go, but big brows are here for the long haul. There is something so great about the face-lifting ability of a good set of brows. But what if yours are a tad sparse? Filling them in every day is tedious, we know. And while tinting and microblading are great for faking colour, bushy brows are where it’s at, and for those you need hair.

Luckily, there are some tricks you can employ to tempt the hair out of the follicles. We called on London’s brow guru Suman to share her proven hair-growing tactics, plus how to fill them in and when to get them shaped while you’re going through the process. Keep scrolling for Suman’s guide to cultivating brows to rival Cara’s.

Condition, Condition, Condition

If you are looking for an at-home remedy, use castor oil in the evenings. Try and use a more expensive castor oil, as this will be more concentrated; Pukka does a good one. The benefit of this method won’t be instant and will be different for each person, but in my experience, it works!

Plume Nourish and Define Brow Pomade (£30) is a product that promotes the growth of your brows whilst adding colour. It is 100% natural and long-wearing, and it works in three ways to boost the brows: sculpting with a pigment-rich formula, filling gaps with active ingredients that promote brow fullness over time, and conditioning via nourishing antioxidants and nutrients.

Plume Nourish & Define Brow Pomade $30
Pukka Castor Oil $10

Take Supplements

Lumity Life is a fantastic supplement for all things hair and skin. You take the tablets morning and night—the product has incredible ingredients that cover all bases, including selenium, which contributes to maintaining healthy hair and nails. I also really rate Sugar Bear Hair (£24), the blue supplement gummy bears that the Kardashians promote. They actually work and are really tasty!

Lumity Life Morning and Night Softgels $90
Sugar Bear Hair Hair Vitamins $24


Gently exfoliate your brows with a homemade mix of coconut oil and sugar. Working from the outside in a few times a week, this will help to stimulate hair growth as well as nourish the brows and smooth the skin under your brows.

Keep Them Tidy

Don’t touch your brows yourself! You can pluck any strays that don’t affect the shape like the mono-brow, but don’t whatever you do trim them by yourself. Use Tweezerman tweezers (they are the sharpest) after a shower to pluck your strays and do so in the direction of the growth as this will minimise ingrown hairs.

The normal hair cycle is four to six weeks, but some people with more intense hair growth can grow it back fully in two weeks. So when you feel you are getting lots of sparse hairs around the main brow and looking a bit untidy, book in for a cleanup! But ensure they don’t get thread- or wax-happy; you’re growing them, remember?

Fill Them In

While they are growing back, you will need to keep filling them in. You shouldn’t just concentrate on filling in the gaps, but cover the whole brow with a shade that suits your skin and hair colouring. If you want a more natural look, use a very sharp brow pencil or brush/gel combo to gently draw on feather-light strokes to mimic the actual hairs, covering the whole brow from the base to the tail, filling in the gaps as you go along.

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