Now You Can Do That Eye Look You've Been Too Intimidated to Try

As of late, when it comes to beauty trends, it feels like anything goes. While it’s liberating to have free reign to try anything—from glitter eyeliner to intense smoky eyes—it can also be a bit intimidating. Are our favorite fashion week looks meant exclusively for the runway, or can we actually repurpose them into something more wearable? Our bet is on the latter.

For that reason, we invited beauty guru Melissa Alatorre to take part in the latest installment of our 10-minute beauty challenge. (Tune in here if you didn’t catch our spring hair challenge.) Yesterday at Ulta Beauty in Santa Monica, Alatorre chose a makeup look at random and was given 10 minutes to shop everything she needed and create the look. Her pick? A smoky glazed eye. “It usually takes me 30 minutes to blend one eye, so this will definitely be a challenge,” Alatorre joked. Luckily, we had Aki Hill from Ulta Beauty’s Design Team on hand to assist her and help keep track of time.

Watch the video below to see how Alatorre made this runway trend wearable in under 10 minutes.