How to Do Loose, Voluminous Waves That Last—See the Video

Here at Byrdie, we give you the lowdown on the latest and greatest products, new beauty tips we can’t help but share, and, of course, quick and doable tutorials to make it all happen. This year, we’re taking our digital agenda into the real world. With our new series, House Calls, we’re going to the homes of real Byrdie readers and beauty influencers to make their hair and makeup dreams a reality. Watch and enjoy!

It’s a Sunday morning in April, and bride-to-be and lifestyle influencer Emily Jenny Cholakian of Stiletto Beats is getting ready for her bridal shower. She generally takes a laid-back approach to beauty, so things are pretty calm. The dress is set out, the accessories are minimal, and the makeup situation is under control. But as someone who usually only does one thing with her hair (no judgment), her Pinterest scrolling is definitely ramping up. On a day like today, the day of her garden-party bridal shower, she wants to do something a little different—a look she’ll remember but one that still feels like her. What a perfect time for a house call courtesy of Ulta Beauty, no?

Curious to see what look Cholakian will wear? Watch and see what happens!