The Lazy Girl's Guide to Getting Model-Off-Duty Hair

We envy models for various reasons: their effortless style, their glowing complexions, and most of all, their perfectly disheveled hair. How is it possible that, even off the runway latte in hand, their tresses still manage to look so good?

To unearth the secret to lived-in, messy-chic texture, we spoke with celeb hairstylist and master of undone waves, Anh Co Tran. “Messy-chic has a style to it,” he says. “It looks clean—it’s a controlled chaos.” Lucky for us, he was more than happy to describe exactly how to tame our own (less photogenic) locks and achieve the textured tresses of our dreams. 


Click through the slideshow above to find out how to get model-off-duty waves!

Step One: Rough Dry

Tran suggests starting with wet hair, and “rough drying” it until it’s completely dry. In other words, finger-comb your hair upwards, and dry with your blow-dryer pointed slightly downwards at a 45 degree angle. 

Step Two: Smooth (Sparingly)

Next, point the blow-dryer all the way down on your ends to smooth them out—but not too much: “Don’t smooth your hair too much before you curl,” Tran says. “It’ll give your hair a more edgy look!”

Step Three: Curl

Now comes the key step—curling. To achieve loose, textured waves instead of princess-style ringlets, Tran gives three suggestions. “Take a curling iron and curl sections with [varying degrees of] thickness,” he says. Then, he says to make sure you’re alternating the direction of your curls—some should curl towards your face, while others should curl away. And finally: leave the ends out. This is key to getting lived-in, wavy texture!

Step Four: Spray

Tran’s favorite product for touchable waves? Oribe’s Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray ($39). This moisturizing spray will help keep your waves shiny and moisturized, without feeling sticky or crunchy.


Step Five: Shine

If your ends look or feel dry, there’s a quick fix: Tran suggests running a light shine serum (he loves the Smooth Style Serum ($49) by Oribe) through the ends of your hair. “It will mend your ends!” he says. 


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