This $6 Amazon Purchase Gave Me the Softest Skin Ever

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For all the confidence I have in my daily facial skincare routine, any surrounding the rest of my body is shaky at best. After dealing with keratosis pilaris (aka chicken bumps), psoriasis, and perpetual dryness for my entire life, I’ve definitely rotated through my fair share of products to tackle every possible blemish. That’s not to say that I haven’t found a few that really do deliver: Stacked Skincare’s Body Peel ($175) eliminates bacne in mere hours, my skin drinks up Indie Lee’s Body Oil ($36) like nothing else, and I stand by my Moroccanoil method to diminish KP flare-ups. But while these select few definitely help matters, they also require a lot of upkeep. Stating the obvious, but we have a lot of skin on our bodies—which doesn’t bode well for dryness and bump-prone lazy girls like me.

I, the mere mortal, had accepted the fact that I would never have the impossibly smooth legs of a Victoria’s Secret Angel—that is, until an Angel suddenly gave me the guidance I needed. When Taylor Hill paid a visit to Byrdie HQ a few months ago, I not-so-subtly asked (in fact, I think I blurted) how she maintained such airbrushed-looking skin. I expected her to name some very expensive, VS-sponsored treatment—or, you know, genetics—but was floored when she instead called out a Korean beauty product that not only costs $6 but also would be able to make its way to my doorstep in 24 hours through the magic of Amazon Prime. Fast-forward several weeks, and it’s honestly the best thing that ever happened to my hopeless arms and legs—and my lazy tendencies.

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Korean Beauty Exfoliating Towel Gloves, Pack of 8 $4.70

“I like to use scrubby gloves three times a week in the shower—they’re like little loofahs you put on your hands,” Hill advised me. Cue the furious Amazon searching, and H/T to editorial director Faith for pointing me in the right direction—she’s also a fan of these handy little cloths. They’re essentially lightweight washcloths but have pockets for your hands, so you can use them as mitts. And at $6 for a pack of eight, they’re a steal.

I like to pair mine with Tatcha’s heaven-scented Body Gommage, which some very gentle scrubbing power of its own. By sloughing away the dead skin, it leaves the fresh layer open to absorb the oils and vitamins in that product all the more—something I’ve found works with any kind of oil or moisturizer. And by using this method right before shaving, I’ve honestly uncovered the smoothest legs of my life. Plus, it takes all of one minute to scrub my entire body down—meaning minimal time (and water) wasted.

My KP has yet to make an aggressive appearance this summer, and my skin has never been more consistently hydrated. Coincidence? I think not: I’d rather point to $6 well spent—and some great advice from an Angel.

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