The Pits: Your Guide to Perfectly Groomed Underarms

Unless you’re Miley Cyrus, your underarms are probably not an area of focus in your beauty regimen. Shave, wax, or go #teamnatural; add a swipe of deodorant (if we remember); and call it day—that’s pretty much the extent of our underarm grooming regimen. And yet, there’s always the unexpected, isn’t there? We recently heard about a brand-new procedure that allows women to remove fat from their underarm area (supposedly, brides are the target demo—strapless wedding gowns, y’all). Then, we asked around Byrdie HQ, and as it turns out, underarm unrest appears to be a real cause of concern. Whether it’s skin darkening, stubbly hairs, or bumpiness, our underarms present a whole new realm of beauty issues—issues that we’ll be helping you deal with today. With hair removal expert Noemi Grupenmager of Uni K Wax Center on our side, we’re sharing three tips that will ensure your underarms are always photo-ready—wedding dress or not.

Keep scrolling for your ultimate guide to perfectly groomed underarms.