The 5 Genius Tricks for Getting Shiny Hair Instantly

Updated 01/27/18
How to get shiny hair: woman with shiny hair

Stupid question: Do you want shiny hair? Not stupid question: How do you actually get that Kim Kardashian West–level gloss? It's something I often strived for when I was in my teens thanks to Rachel Green (I mean, who else?). I would reach for an iron and some hair serum before a Friday night out to make sure I could get that perfectly shiny look.

As I've gotten older, I've realised that looking after your hair is much more important. But it's not just about making sure you're ingesting enough omega-3; there are plenty of quick tricks to making your hair look shiny immediately. And they don't all involve using products or an ill-judged form of straightening. I scoured the internet for incredible tricks and hacks to understanding how some people get such incredible Cher Horowitz hair. Funnily enough, it didn't really take much, but I managed to narrow it down to five solid tips that will give you a great hair day every day.

Keep scrolling for five genius tricks on how to get shiny hair instantly.

#1: It's all in the angle

If you spend as much time on the internet as we do, then you'll inevitably end up on a Reddit beauty obsessives thread that teaches you hacks and tips you'd never though of before. In one thread dedicated to shiny hair, one hairstylist said that you had to ensure you used the right kind of angle when you're blow-drying your hair. Reddit user Anniebanannimock2 says that "blowdrying down the length of the hair strand and not from underneath, is key to making hair lay smoother, feel softer and be shinier." Noted.

#2: Try a blast of air

Sure, we all know about the cold-shower trick to make hair shinier (freezing your head in the morning? Hard pass, thanks), but did you know that there's a much nicer way of doing this trick? When blowdrying your hair, look on the side at the buttons. Notice that there's one, probably blue, button at the top. This is your cold-air blaster. Hairstylist Josue Perez says that you should switch over to the cool button “when your hair is about 80% dry." This will help to seal the hair cuticle and fix your style in place while adding shine. 

#3: Reach for the vinegar

No, it doesn't seem exactly ideal to be smelling like you've just come out of a chippy but putting vinegar on your hair can work wonders. Not only does it remove grease, it also helps with the build-up of wax from other hair products, leaving hair shiny. Happily, there are now a load of brands incorporating vinegar into their products to cater for this trend, although you can just use plain old vinegar.

#4: Get glossy

When you've decided to go for a new hair colour after a few weeks of your new gorgeous and transforming look, you might notice that your hair starts to look a little, well, dull. Sad times when you probably forked out a fair penny as well. But there is help at hand. Beyoncé's colourist, Rita Hazan, revealed to Byrdie that "no matter what you do, your hair colour will fade and get dull naturally from environmental and mechanical damage," so when you wash it, you need to also add a gloss as it "will keep your hair healthy, shiny and vibrant at all times." Hazan does this every time she washes her hair. Try Charles Worthington's range of glosses that are only £5 a bottle.

#5: Stop washing it

Yeah, yeah. You know you shouldn't be washing your hair every day but sometimes you just want it to feel clean, right? Thing is, it's making your hair lose it's natural oils and moisture, stripping it of the thing that you so desperately need and want to make it look shiny. While this isn't exactly a trick that works immediately, we suggest that you take Kim Kardashian West's advice and only wash it twice a week. You'll notice the difference pretty quickly.

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