Your Pre- and Post-Sun Skincare Guide


Grasie Mercedes

Theoretically, summer is the cutest season, but it can have some scary effects on your skin. Sunburns, UV damage, and sunscreen-induced breakouts are just a few conditions caused by warm weather. You might think that slapping on a layer of three-year-old sunscreen and a floppy hat would do the trick, but according to skincare experts, protecting your skin requires a slightly savvier approach.

As it turns out, there are a few simple but critical steps we should be taking before and after sun exposure to make sure our skin is safe and clear. We know this because we consulted a group of dermatologists and estheticians to put together your ultimate pre- and post-sun guide—from how to prevent UV damage to how to get rid of sunburns. Because while taking measures to make sure that burns and breakouts don't happen in the first place is ideal, we get that sometimes sh*t happens.

Keep scrolling to learn how dermatologists take care of their skin before and after the sun.