This Secret Food Beats Bloat Like None Other


Regardless of lifestyle, most of us face (at least on occasion) the inexplicable bloat. It’s no fun to wait out that uncomfortable feeling of fullness, and it’s even less fun to all of sudden have to struggle to close our jeans. Luckily, and perhaps serendipitously in time for the holiday feast ahead, we stumbled upon the secret food that can both diminish bloat and ease with digestion. Enter ginger.

The spice has a long history of protecting and healing our immune system. But, it is also happens to be ranked as the No. 1 way to reduce bloating and gas. Eat a little with or after a meal to help alleviate that full feeling. You might be surprised just how well this natural remedy works. While consuming raw ginger root is ideal, in a pinch, you can always sip on some ginger tea. We love shopping for Yogi's Ginger Tea ($21) in bulk.

Have you tried ginger to reduce stomach bloat? Did it work for you? Let us know below!