How to Get Rid of Razor Bumps, According to Skincare Experts


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Have you experienced this? You shave your legs so that they can be smooth to the touch, and like some kind of terrible plot twist, the result is razor bumps and irritation instead. (We can hear the collective cries.) Why does this happen to us? New York City–based dermatologist Dendy Engelman explains that razor bumps are an inflammatory reaction to the hair shaft re-entering the skin, such as an ingrown hair and/or folliculitis, which is inflammation of the hair follicle.

Engelman shares that people with curly and thick hair are more predisposed to razor bumps—or pseudofolliculitis barbae, as it’s referred to in the medical world. Engelman said that one definitive method for treating PFB is laser hair removal. While a great solution, it may not always be financially feasible. Fortunately, Engelman says that there are a number of solutions to make shaving less of a drag. Keep scrolling to learn how to get rid of razor bumps, including drugstore remedies and tips like how often to change your razor. Ahead, see 11 tips from dermatologists and estheticians for smooth-shaven legs.

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