How to Get Rid of a Headache in 2 Minutes Flat

Updated 10/06/17
how to get rid of a headache fast
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Like earaches, paper cuts, and toe stubs, headaches are a part of life that make you appreciate your non-headache days like nothing else. You don't realize how simple, beautiful, and free you feel without a headache until you have one, and suddenly nothing else matters. There's a sledgehammer pounding on your skull or a sharp, biting, repetitive stab that sears through your brain, and you wonder how you're going to make it through the next few minutes (or hours).

Well, we found a totally strange trick that people swear by, and it might have been easy to scoff at if our intern hadn't put it to the test when she came down with a crushing headache—and verified that it effectively eliminated her pain in two minutes (so crazy).

The trick is that you repetitively imagine the color, shape, and size of your headache. Want to learn how to do it? Keep scrolling!

The Genius Trick

It all starts with Kamil K. Wawrzyszko, a business consultant and YouTuber with almost 40,000 subscribers to his channel, Kamil's View. He posts motivational videos on topics like how to stop procrastinating, how to be happier, and how to wake up more energized, but his video on how to end a headache in two minutes has been viewed nearly two million times, with thousands of comments attesting to the fact that it works.

The strategy? You focus on the headache, picture the shape, color, and location of the headache repeatedly until it's gone. People say that their headache goes from being a large, dark shape to a lighter, smaller shape as the exercise progresses, until the headache diminishes completely. Others say they were near vomiting from a migraine so bad, but this trick was able to eliminate.

Just last week, our intern was suffering from a severe migraine, tried the visualization trick—at her desk at the office—and said it full-on worked. So this is pretty much the first time in our life we've wanted and wished for a headache, just to try this out for ourselves. You can watch Wawrzyszko's video above!

Do you have any strange headache tricks that work? Tell us below! And of course if all else fails, there's Excedrin.

This post was originally published on June 29, 2015.

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