This Device Claims to Erase Wrinkles—Here's What Really Happened

I'm pretty much always willing to try anything once—and that attitude applies to my skincare routine, too. I'm passionate about maintaining youthful-looking skin, so why not test out whatever products and tools I can get my hands on?

This time, I decided to experiment with my freshly formed crow's-feet. They're a sign of experience and laughter, sure, but I'd rather my wisdom not show up on my face, thank you very much. So when I read about me's Bright Eye Illuminating Device ($70), a tool that claims to "fight the appearance of under-eye circles, lines, and puffiness as well as boost collagen production for brighter, livelier eyes and smoother, younger-looking skin," I had to try it. Boasting a one-week turnaround is a tall order, but if it worked, I'd be just about the happiest wrinkle-free woman on the planet.

me Me Bright Eye Illuminating Device $70

Below is a photo that was taken of me before using the device. My crow's-feet aren't terrible, but they certainly exist. Not to mention, I've been plagued by under-eye circles and bags my entire life and would love to zap those away as well. So let's get started, shall we? 


how to get rid of crow's feet
Paley Fairman

The tool features a unique combination of radiofrequency, red LED light, and gentle vibration to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in your skin. As instructed, I began to glide the device over my eye area with a good amount of pressure for three minutes. It felt slightly warm but completely comfortable—soothing, even. After treating each eye, I did notice a slightly plumper look around my under-eyes, but my crow's-feet were still going strong.

I did this every day for seven days (74% of those tested saw improved hydration in just one week), and I can truthfully say it did help but didn't do much for the wrinkles around my eyes. I decided to keep the experiment going because 93% of participants in that same trial saw fine lines disappear in just eight weeks. It was a test of my patience, for sure, but as I said earlier, I'm willing to give anything a go. Now, on the other side of two months, I can confidently say I've noticed a difference.


Paley Fairman

It's nothing drastic, but to be able to comfortably and painlessly treat your wrinkles for just six minutes a night and see any results is a feat. To maintain the results, I've kept it up by treating each eye two to three days a week, and I'm pleasantly surprised. The tone and texture of the skin around my eyes have improved, and the wrinkles have been kept mostly at bay.

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