This Device Claims to Erase Wrinkles in a Week—Here's What Actually Happened

I'm pretty much always willing to try anything once—and that attitude carries itself over into my skincare routine. I'm passionate about maintaining youthful-looking skin, so why not test out whatever products and tools I can get my hands on?

This time, I decided to experiment with my freshly formed crow's-feet. They're a sign of experience and laughter, sure, but I'd rather my wisdom not show up on my face, thank you very much. So when I read about Iluminage's Me Bright Eye Illuminating Device ($129), a tool that claims to "fight the appearance of under-eye circles, lines, and puffiness as well as boost collagen production for brighter, livelier eyes and smoother, younger-looking skin," I had to try it. Boasting a one-week turnaround is a tall order, but if it worked, I'd be just about the happiest wrinkle-free woman on the planet. Keep reading to find out the results.

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