How to Get Rid of Cold Sores in 4 All-Natural Ways


One of the major issues associated with cold sores is inflammation. To bring down the swelling, simply apply a cube of ice directly to the affected area and rub. Repeat this a few times a day, making sure to rub gently. If you’re not careful, you might scratch the sore and cause further damage.

Tea Tree Oil

Famous for being antimicrobial and effective for a number of skin problems, tea tree oil is an anti-inflammatory product that can also diminish cold sores. Apply a few drops to the affected area using a cotton swab three times a day. For best results, apply right before bedtime. This will help the sore dry and heal overnight.

Apple Cider Vinegar

You may be familiar with apple cider vinegar for its numerous health benefits. And much like tea tree oil, it’s also a remarkable topical cleanser. Apply it directly to the blistered area three times a day (with a clean cotton swab) for the best results.

Raw Garlic

The trick to getting rid of cold sores is likely hiding in your own pantry. Garlic is both antiviral and antiseptic, making it a safe home remedy for cold sores. Take a raw garlic clove and crush it before rubbing it on the sore. The ingredient is also anti-inflammatory, which can help relieve the area’s swelling. Apply twice a day for best results.

Or Consult Your Doctor

If your cold sore doesn’t seem to be responding to natural approaches or begins to pop up with suspicious frequency, you might want to consult your doctor. A number of prescriptions exist for the purpose of treating serious blisters. Over-the-counter remedies frequently include ingredients like docosanol and benzyl alcohol, which can be effective but are also harsher on the skin.

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