I Was Warned This De-Bloating Elixir Was Very Serious—so I Tried It

"De-bloating," "all-natural," "overnight": These three phrases are individually very appealing to any health-and-wellness guru, but when strung together in the same sentence, it almost seems too good to be true. Bloating and how to get rid of it are subjects we cover a lot on Byrdie, simply because so many of us deal with them and, dramatic as it sounds, feeling internally swollen can be the difference between having a good day and having a garbage day when you don't want to see anyone or even get out of bed. What's worse is that, because the kinds and causes of bloating are so manifold, the problem can be difficult to fix.

"There are two types of bloating—one is caused by gas, and the other is caused by water retention," explains Mark Curry, a beauty expert, former science teacher, and founder of UK beauty company Be for Beauty. Excess gas in the abdomen can be caused by anything from eating too fast to consuming high-fiber foods to excessive sodium in your diet. Then, water retention can also come from plenty of potentially uncontrollable sources, including the natural physiology of your blood capillaries, heart, and kidneys, but also poor diet (not enough protein, too much salt), low physical activity, and PMS. These aren't all the things that can make you bloat, of course. Fluctuations in food sensitives can be to blame. A glass or two of Champagne can even cause bloating. Sometimes I think just looking sideways at a cube of cheese can make you bloat. Fortunately, an essential oil elixir might help.

What Are Essential Oils?

Highly concentrated compounds that are extracted from plants and turned into volatile, aromatic liquids.

For more about essential oils for bloating—along with a specific recipe that works wonders for one celebrity—keep reading.

When to Use Essential Oils for Bloating

jojoba oil
Desert Essence Jojoba Oil $16

There are times when I genuinely would have done hard drugs or sold my soul to Satan to get rid of bloating quickly, but the other week, an unexpected source told me a simple all-natural, de-bloating recipe that she swore would work overnight (there are those buzzwords again!), no chemicals or deals with the devil required. The source was former model and Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi, who is secretly quite the essential oils guru and dabbles daily in concocting custom blends to treat everything from a deflated mood to an inflated abdomen. I once interviewed Lakshmi about her beauty routine when she told me about a topical essential oil blend she uses as a diuretic to detox her body in a pinch.

"When I was going on the red carpet the other week for the Vanity Fair party, my dress was very see-through, so you could see everything," she explains, adding that she went to the gym and tried to eat healthily, but because of her hormones (she struggles with endometriosis) and other factors, she just couldn't get her body to de-bloat. It happens to the best of us. "You get off a plane and you bloat; you get your period and you bloat. In my case, I was doing both those things," she said. "So I make a topical diuretic [yep, one you apply to the skin, not ingest] with jojoba oil as a base. Then I add to it two or three essential oils that will help your body detox and expel unwanted water."

This past weekend, I was in the same boat as Lakshmi: fresh off my period and having just returned from an international trip where I was eating double the amount I normally would. The bloat was intense. Desperate to fix it as fast as humanly possible, I decided to try Lakshmi's secret sauce.

juniper berry oil
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An Essential Oil Recipe for Bloating

A topical diuretic is very simple to make: All you need is a four-ounce container of jojoba oil, your carrier oil. Lakshmi recommends one by the brand Desert Essence, plus the following essential oils: 40 drops of juniper oil, 30 drops of grapefruit oil, 20 drops of black pepper oil (half the amount of ginger or clove oil will also do), and 20 drops of geranium to make the thing smell really good. (Make sure to do a patch test with these oils if you haven't used them before, just to rule out any allergic reactions.) Because my local Whole Foods didn't carry juniper oil, I swapped in peppermint oil, which is also claimed to calm stomach muscles and eliminate gas.

To make the blend, you take your jojoba oil, pour out about a teaspoon to make room for the essential oils, then add in the correct number of drops of each, and shake the whole thing up. Then, you apply the elixir to your entire body. Lakshmi says the effects are even more potent if you can give the blend to a massage therapist and have them use it while giving you your massage, but since I was doing this DIY-style, I applied the blend using long, firm strokes down my limbs and across my stomach and décolleté. I went through the whole process right before going to bed, hoping to wake up a new woman.

Grapefruit oil
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Potential Benefits of Essential Oils

• Soothe muscles

• Combat inflammation

• Aid digestion

In addition to aromatherapy, essential oils can be used on everything from eczema to dark spots. Of course, a little goes a long way, meaning that diluting the powerful oils is usually necessary. Adding oils to a carrier oil (i.e a base oil—like vegetable oil or something equally mild—which dilutes and helps "carry" the oil into the body) can also help ramp up their efficacy.

What to Expect When Using Essential Oils for Bloating

Lakshmi warned me this treatment wasn't something to mess around with. "This is a very serious, potent remedy," she said. "You're going to feel the difference....So make sure you drink a lot of water because you might feel like you're dehydrated or like you have a hangover or headache the next day."

Lakshmi's confidence in this remedy is high, but it's worth noting that Western science isn't quite as convinced. In fact, New York-based registered dietitian Jessica Cording says that expecting such dramatic overnight results probably isn't entirely reasonable. "I don't think it's going to magically help someone feel less bloated," she says.

black pepper oil
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Side Effects

Though they are often touted as "all natural," it's important to note that essential oils can be incredibly potent. That means that, if applied to the skin, they can lead to burns or, if inhaled by someone with asthma, could be dangerous. In a 2012 study, several patients experienced adverse effects of essential oil aromatherapy, with the most serious side effect being dermatitis. According to the report, the oils most often associated with adverse effects were "lavender, peppermint, tea tree oil, and ylang-ylang."

The Final Takeaway

In my experience, both parties' views on this de-bloating treatment had merits. After drenching my puffy body in peppermint, black pepper, and grapefruit, I instantly felt a shivery tingling sensation all over. It made me so chilly that it was hard to fall asleep.

Now, at the risk of sounding excessively gross and gory, what I will say is that when I woke up the next morning, my body was in full…well…emptying mode. From the hours of 7:30 a.m. to 9 a.m., the contents of my intestines, both solid and gas, were definitely in the mood to evacuate.

It sounds like the remedy did exactly what it was supposed to do, and I suppose it did, though the physical results at the end weren't quite as dramatic as I was hoping for. There was no dehydration the next day, no headaches, no hangover … and some unwanted bloat sadly remained in my belly.

However, I would try the elixir again, with juniper instead of peppermint oil next time, and I might try pouring out up to two tablespoons of the jojoba oil to make a more potent blend and apply just on my abdomen, in a circular motion, at least an hour before bed. Until then, I think my best move is to chip away at my belly problems slowly, cooling it on the booze, overeating, and travel, and making sure to drink lots of water, eat plenty of potassium, and gets tons of sleep. Meanwhile, I can supplement my de-bloating regimen with this all-natural elixir. After all, it worked to an extent. Maybe not overnight, but I suppose the best things in life—like a de-puffed digestive system—are worth waiting for.

Test the blend for skin sensitivity on inner elbow and observe up to 24 hours. If you experience headache, sore throat or, shortness of breath wash off with soap and water and discontinue use. If you are on medication or pregnant, consult your doctor before use and do not use during the first trimester. Store out of children’s reach and do not expose essential oils to infants for 12 months (peppermint and eucalyptus for up to 24 months).

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