This "Emergency Pack" Helps Clear Breakouts Overnight

I recently sat down with Rachel Nazarian, MD, of Schweiger Dermatology Group and Proactiv, to discuss all things clear skin, and the topic of my upcoming wedding came up. Despite having finally achieved clear skin on my face, my upper back breaks out like crazy in the summer months, and as luck would have it, I'll be wearing a backless dress for the occasion (just call me a masochist).

Thankfully Proactiv's Acne Clearing Body Spray does a pretty good job of keep breakouts at bay (this stuff really works), but should I wake up the morning before the big day with a huge shiner on my face or back, Nazarian said she could hook me up with what she dubbed an "emergency pack." Completely enthralled, I asked Nazarian to fill me in on all the details

Basically it's a prescription-pill cocktail you'll need to get from your dermatologist (so you may as well add their office number to your speed dial now). As amazing as it sounds, the prospect of taking a medication that helps knock a pimple out virtually overnight sounded a bit scary, so I asked Nazarian a few follow-up questions for clarity.