How to Make Your Eyeliner Look Like It Was Done by a Makeup Artist



Eyeliner is a generally forgiving product. Sure, you can just smudge it on for a lived-in look à la SJP, or you could try and draw a straight line that inevitably gets smudged and call it a purposeful smoky eye. Even if your cat eye ends up looking a bit jagged, you can play with your shadow to try and disguise it via blending. (For those who can actually draw an even line or—gasp—a sharp cat eye, we applaud you.) But as fluid (sometimes literally) as eyeliner can be, when you're actually trying to go for a specific look and it's just not working out, it can be incredibly frustrating. 

Since we don't always want to have to disguise a line that went rogue or smudge what we intended to be a perfect winged look, we turned to a Smith & Cult beauty ambassador and makeup artist, Ashlee Glazer, to find out how to make it look like a professional drew on our liner for us every time. The secret? Simple: Pay attention to the type of products you use and when you use them. 

Glazer says to invest in top-notch liners that will deliver long-lasting results. "Use quality products that you know you can trust will last all day. A water-resistant formula is a sure way to keep eyeliner in place." To learn which products to use for specific looks, keep scrolling!

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