PSA: This Is the App That Gives You Pat McGrath–Worthy Instagrams


Getty Images

There's no doubt you've noticed a new glinty, shimmery effect on Instagram recently. Over and over, I'd scroll through my feed and witness blinding sparkles amid the usual well-lit photos and funny gifs. I did a little research and realized they were created in KiraKira+—an app that applies a sparkle treatment to each and every video (depending on where light gleams most readily, of course). 

For someone admittedly obsessed with her feed, I couldn't have been more excited. I downloaded the app and began creating sparkles on anything and everything. Then it struck me. Beauty products—especially the metallic, glittery, celestial-themed ones launching everywhere—are the perfect canvas for all that app-created sparkle. Just call me Pat McGrath because I'm about to blow your mind. Below, the best offerings to film using KiraKira.