I Hate the Gym: Here's How I Get in Shape Instead

Up until about a year ago, the biggest waste of money I've ever spent has been on gym memberships. I buy into the idea that I'll actual hit the gym hard every week, and then never set foot inside. Basically, I'm paying the gym's rent. It's ridiculous.

The issue with me physically making it to the gym lies in my schedule and sheer exhaustion. When I work late, the last thing I want to do is get on a machine or lift weights, especially if I haven't even eaten dinner yet, and so continues the Netflix-and-chill lifestyle. And morning workouts? Forget it. I practically have to be pried off my mattress with a forklift, so trying to get myself on a treadmill is a lost cause. I know I sound incredibly lazy, and I'll own it. But the thing is, I still want to get in shape—just not with typical gym workouts.

So began my quest to get fit without feeling like working out is a chore. After trial and error and tapping into different areas of my personality, I was able to get into a great groove that toned my muscles and helped me feel a lot more confident. If you fall into a similar category, take a look at what's worked for me below!

What easy ways have you found help you stay in shape? Please share with us in the comments!