7 Ways to Get Glowing Skin When Fancy Treatments Aren't an Option

Many of us strive to achieve the glow of a fleet of Victoria's Secret angels. But since the majority of us don't have a team of professionals at our disposal or access to thousand-dollar facials, injectables, or fancy light machines, we sought out the best secrets for getting supermodel skin—without spending our life savings.

Sound intriguing? If you’ve longed to try laser resurfacing or get regular microdermabrasion but simply can't afford to, this roundup of advice is just for you. Ahead, a doctor and a facialist share their top tips for getting the lit-from-within look at home. Bonus: These tricks will make you healthier from the inside while they're working to induce that outward glow (talk about a win-win). Each of these DIY treatments is professionally spoken for and will cost you between $0 and $40. Keep reading for seven awesome—and effective—ways to get glowing at home!