I Let My Facialist Dictate My Life for a Week—and It Kind of Changed Everything

When I strolled into the hotel room where Année de Mamiel was holding court on a chilly afternoon last spring, I felt a keen awareness that I had just entered the presence of a guru. It's not an inaccurate descriptor for the UK-based esthetician, whose unique blend of skincare, energy healing, and Eastern medicine has earned her a devout following—and a three-year waiting list for an in-person treatment.

The opportunity to meet with such a coveted figure in the industry was not lost on me, especially as a fan of de Mamiel's eponymous product line, which is grounded in this same skincare-meets-mindfulness philosophy. These aren't DIY-inspired essential oil blends. It's a luxury collection to be sure, peddled by high-end retailers like Net-a-Porter and Barneys. But in the presence of de Mamiel herself, I was immediately struck by her open and palpably grounding demeanor. This was not the energy of a high-end facialist but a healer.

And that became all the more apparent as we spent the next hour together for what was truly a unique "facial" in terms of my experience. De Mamiel treated my skin, sure, but she also took my pulse and looked at my tongue. We talked about stresses in my life; I told her I was feeling overwhelmed and sluggish. She asked me about my diet, when and what I was eating, and whether I ate dinner with my computer open (so guilty.)

I left the hotel feeling brighter both physically and mentally, with one thought: Could she just tell me how to live my life in her calming British accent? The next morning, as if she had heard my call to the universe, I had an email in my inbox from de Mamiel with a multi-page "prescription" encompassing everything from skincare to diet to digital detox. And obviously, I had to follow the advice of my newfound guru.

I'll start with one week, I told myself, because I historically have trouble committing to anything beyond a few days—especially when other areas of my life are in overdrive. But as I'd find out, de Mamiel's protocol was crafted to enhance my well-being far beyond seven days. Over the next several weeks, I became downright addicted to her advice, which ultimately benefited my mind and body in ways I couldn't have predicted.

Keep reading to see de Mamiel's prescription for my skin and the impact it had on my mind and body.