The 24-Hour Good-Skin Plan

If there's a single way to approach getting a healthy complexion, it's treating your skincare regimen as you would a diet: Take special care with ingredients, remember that the rest of your lifestyle plays a role, and know that good results take time. 

The fundamental difference, however, is that while it's virtually impossible to transform your body in a single day, there is actually a crash-diet kind of approach to better-looking skin—and it's expert approved. "Improving the true quality of skin is not typically doable in such a short time frame, but it is possible to make your complexion appear significantly better in hours," says Dr. Jessica Weiser of the New York Dermatology Group.

It's an ideal situation, since this means that even though you'll have to establish good habits and patience in order to get a really healthy complexion—and it's worth the work, trust us—you can fake it in the meantime. Below, a few of our go-to skin pros tell us how. 

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