How to Get A Smoky Cat Eye

Makeup artist Jamie Greenberg spent a week with actress Felicity Jones, prepping her for one press event after another to promote her latest film, Invisible Woman. “She likes to be really natural, with clean skin and not a lot of stuff on her face,” says Greenberg, calling Jones “fairy”-like. “I just knew that for the last day, we had to bring it.”

To Greenberg and Jones, “bringing it” means the happy marriage of a cat eye and a smoky eye. “We wanted something graphic to toughen her up a little bit,” says Greenberg. To start, she primed Jones’ lid with mark.’s Please Hold Eye Primer ($9) followed by mark.’s Wet/Dry Eyeshadow ($7) in Latte and Lava in the crease. “Then, and I don’t normally do this, I rimmed her eyes with Lancome’s Le Crayon Khol Pencil ($26) in Black Ebony, smudged it out, and took YSL’s Baby Doll Eyeliner ($34) in Black, lining just where her lashes come out so there was all that darkness at the lashline,” she says. The liquid liner maintained the shape and definition that’s often lost when things get smoky. From there, Greenberg continued to blend the kohl liner and shadows around Jones’ eyes. But how did she create that perfectly feline shape?

“Every girl should have Fran Wilson’s Precision Tipped Cotton Swabs ($3),” says Greenberg. She dipped one into makeup remover and essentially cut out the shape she wanted around Jones’ eye. To finish, Greenberg swept on plenty of coats of mark.’s Scanda-Lash Hook Up Mascara ($7) in Black. “It has a really small brush so I can really get in there to the individual lashes.”

Jones might look fairy-like, but we could get used to her edgier side.