The Best Bum-Sculpting Moves for Your Butt Shape

We're all used to people talking about body types (yawn, we all have beautiful, unique shapes, and they don't have to coincide with a fruit), but there is something to be said about personalizing your workout based on your butt type. Come again? Okay, here us out. Maybe you haven’t thought about it at all, but you’ve certainly noticed every person has a different butt—whether it be the shape, size, or what have you. So why should your workout be one-size-fits-all? You're certainly not.

That being said, any trainer will tell you that you can absolutely customize your workout to your specific body, even the shape of your butt. Which is why we called up a few of our favorite professional trainers to help devise a plan on how to get a bigger butt (sculpt, tone, and whatever else you feel like doing) for your unique butt shape. Scroll through to determine your butt type and find the workout plan that’s right for you.