What’s It Really Mean to Be an Influencer Anyway?

It's not often we get the chance to pick the brains of some of the most creative women in the industry, so when I was told that I’d have the chance to chat with Lisa Dengler, Serena Goh, and Lainy Hedaya in honor of the launch of Cartier Carat, you can guess how quickly I jumped. All three of these NYC-based creatives fall under the category we commonly refer to as “influencers,” a nebulous term that doesn’t adequately describe all of the different hats they wear, and I was curious to find out what exactly is involved in their day-to-day. (Spoiler alert: a lot.) When asked about the lessons they’ve learned on their unique career paths, they didn’t hold back: Keep reading to find out how these successful entrepreneurs created a space for themselves in a notoriously competitive industry and how they nourish their inner light.