You’ve Been Shopping for Foundation All Wrong—Here's What You Should Do

We’ve all been there: You go out and buy a new foundation only to get home and realize the shade you thought was a perfect match is so not. Whether you weren’t able to get color-matched by a professional or just didn’t really know where to begin, an unpleasant encounter with foundation has happened to the best of us. It makes sense—with such a variety of formulas and finishes, the shopping experience can feel more intimidating than almost anything else, even for us beauty editors! But that doesn’t mean that you should shy away from the process; in fact, you should embrace it.

“Be confident and committed, and don’t give up,” says Benjamin Ruiz, director of global creative artistry at Laura Mercier. And we couldn’t agree more: There’s the right shade and formula for everyone, so as long as you understand your skin, you shouldn’t have a problem finding your perfect match. With that in mind, we asked Ruiz for more advice on color-matching so you can do it yourself without a ton of stress. Want to know what you should do when it’s just you and “an endless sea of foundations,” as Ruiz likes to say? Continue reading to find out.