6 Celeb-Approved Tips for a Flatter Stomach

Why the stomach is such a perpetually difficult area to slim is beyond us. We crunch, we plank, and we scissor-kick with abandon, but from time to time, the dreaded bloat kicks in, reversing our hard work before our eyes. Oh, the pangs of womanhood.

Because celebs have amazing experts behind them to help their stomachs stay as flat as a washboard, we turned to them for their sage advice. The good news: Not all of their tips involve working out (score!). Ready to have a flatter stomach without breaking your back in the process? Read the celeb trainers' tricks below!

Ditch Certain Food Groups

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Dalton Wong, trainer to stars like Jennifer Lawrence and Amanda Seyfried, says that one reason for belly bloat may be a food allergy. He recommends cutting out dairy and gluten to see how your body reacts and filling up on fiber- and magnesium-rich foods instead, to aid with digestion.

Take a Bath

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A salt bath, that is. The Kardashians' dietitian, Philip Goglia, suggests lying in a bathtub full of Epsom salt to help draw out any excess water weight.

Drink a Super Smoothie

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Adrianna Lima swears by a mixture of half an avocado, a cup of water (or one cup of milk and 1/2 cup plain yogurt, for a heavier mixture), and a bit of honey (for flavor) to kick-start her metabolism in the morning.

Do Ab Circuits

Instagram user @naomiwatts

Perhaps those sit-ups aren't doing you any good because you're not switching up your ab workouts enough. At least this is the philosophy of Naomi Watts's trainers at Burn 60 Studios, who have the actress do five workouts to target both small and large abdominal muscles for maximum definition. These include planks, mountain climbers, a bridge, and "stirring the pot." Intrigued? Here's how to do all five moves.

Try a Natural Diuretic

Instagram user @gwynethpaltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow told us exclusively that if she were feeling bloated, she'd turn to a citrus smoothie to de-puff (citrus naturally draws out water) and reap the vitamin C benefits.

Incorporate HIIT

Instagram user @beyonce

Beyoncé's trainer, Marco Borges, has her do HIIT exercises, especially sprints, to increase "stamina and explosiveness" while she's on stage. Doing cardio in intervals helps you lose that layer of fat on your stomach much faster than working out at a steady pace.

Next, try these DIY detox water recipes to de-bloat no matter where you are.

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