How to Fix Split Ends on Natural Hair

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Split ends are probably the most common issue anyone with hair has to deal with. Your ends can split due to heat styling, dryness or simply due to age. Because the ends are the oldest part of your hair strands, you have to take special care of them if you don't want the splits to work their way up your entire shaft, which damages much more than just the ends.

The only surefire way to "fix" split ends is to cut them off, which is painful to hear if you're trying to grow your hair longer. But trimming your ends regularly is preferable to having them break off due to dryness and splits. So while you wait for your stylist to have an opening so that you can get those split ends correctly trimmed, here are a few ways you can mask them in the meantime. These are only temporary fixes. There's no way to permanently put ends back together once they've come apart. Keep reading for three simple ways to fix split ends.

Use Setting Lotion for a Wet Set:

  • After shampooing and a deep condition, apply setting lotion all the way to the ends of your wet hair.
  • Use magnetic rollers in the size of the curl you want, and either allow your hair to air dry or use a hooded dryer. If you have type 4 hair, you may be better served by using flexi or perm rods, as they reduce tangling and create a smoother finish on coily hair when compared to rollers.

Try not to touch or manipulate your hair too much once it's dry, as the more you comb and brush it, the more obvious your split ends will be.

Use Products to Bind Ends:

  • Hairspray used to be the go-to product that many women would use to "seal" split ends. Thankfully, times have changed, and now you have a choice of products specifically made for this purpose. These products are significantly better for your hair than hairspray, too.
  • Once your hair is styled, use one of these end sealers to bind your ends together. Oribe's Split End Seal and Rita Hazan Triple Threat Split End Remedy ($30) are good products for this purpose.
  • Regular use of these, or similar products, helps to condition ends over time and allows you longer times before cuts. They're not miracle workers, however—while they may work to hold your ends together, they won't be able to actually repair them.
oribe split end seal
Oribe Split End Seal $48.00

Wear a Style That Disguises Them:

  • Tuck your split ends away inside a bun, topknot, French roll or chignon.
  • You can braid or two-strand twist your hair, but make sure to use a pomade or styling cream on the ends of your hair as you twirl them around your fingers, to create a good seal.
  • Frizzy or curly hairstyles may make split ends more obvious, so straight styles and protective styles are a better option for the time being.
  • The best way to not have to worry about split ends, is to take preventive steps before they happen. Regular conditioning, little to no heat styling, routine trims, wearing protective styles and minimal chemical treatments are all the best ways to keep your hair healthy.
  • Healthy hair cuts down on the incidence of split ends occurring in the first place.

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