An Expert-Approved, Foolproof Guide to Fixing Overplucked Eyebrows

Brows are the center point of your face, so yeah, they’re pretty important. Take actress Yara Shahidi’s stunning brows for example: Aren’t they the first thing you marvel at on her face? Same. Now, back to brows. This is coming from someone who gets emotional when her brows aren’t perfect. I’ll never forget the night of my high school homecoming. I was 16 and so in love with the way my face looked with my brows arched—it was peak brow honeymoon phase. I wanted to look my very best for my crush, so I went to my favorite brow salon on a crowded Friday evening before the dance. In a cruel twist of fate, though, the distracted stylist rushed through my appointment, leaving me with skinny, crooked, not-cute brows. This was the first time I’d experienced a brow mishap, and I cried my little eyes out. To say that brow moment was scarring feels like an understatement.

Brow trauma is real. If you find yourself getting carried away in front of the mirror while plucking and trimming your brows—you know, getting slightly scissor happy—don’t think it’s the end of the world. Believe me. I’ve since recovered and now have the full, bushy brows of my dreams. It may seem like there’s no way you can reverse the damage done, but there is. In fact, we tapped brow experts to share tried-and-true tips on how to fix overplucked eyebrows. Trust: The professionals have seen it all, so their word is gold.

Jaimineey Patel, head of training at Blink Brow Bar London; Francesca Roman, master brow specialist at Butterfly Studio Salon; Giselle Soto, celebrity brow specialist and owner of one of the top Los Angeles brow studios; and Dominique Lerma, executive makeup artist for Moda Brush, talk brows below.