My Exact Dirty Hair Routine: 6 Products That Make the Greasiest Mess Look Clean

You know those pristine, meticulous women whose manicures never look chipped, pores never look clogged, and hair always looks freshly cleaned? I've always had a sort of distant admiration for those self-identified "germaphobe" types who prioritize personal hygiene over all other matters. But I was simply not born that way. Personally, I've always liked sleeping more than sanitizing, a preference I totally stand by—that is, until it shows up on my fine, straight, grease-prone hair.

I've talked about this on Byrdie before—how I only wash my hair once or twice a week. That may not sound that infrequent, but when your hair is already as naturally limp as mine, it ends up looking real greasy real quick. Every hair follicle you have is attached to a sebum-producing sebaceous gland (just like the ones on your face), which is good because that oil helps keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. But after a few days without shampooing, the sebum starts to look a little excessive, especially when your hair is short, fine, and straight because it doesn't have any length or texture to hide the grease. That's my struggle.

For years, I had been experimenting with dry shampoos and strategic hairstyles to hide when my hair gets unacceptably greasy but had yet to nail down the perfect routine—until recently. Thanks to a few new product launches and discoveries, I have mastered the perfect dirty-hair and styling routine for covering up even the oiliest, most impossible mess—the kind you should probably just surrender to and shampoo but don't want to and don't have time for. Do you loathe washing your hair as much as I do? Read on to discover the dirty-hair routine that works for me.