Ask a Makeup Artist: How Do I Fix Broken Makeup?

The biggest makeup bummer we can think of is dropping an expensive product, or even worse, our entire makeup bag. In our experience, it's kind of like dropping our phones. We pause for a split second, mentally preparing ourselves to go through the five stages of grief, just in case the screen is shattered. It's exactly like that, but with eye shadow palettes, lipsticks, and blush. It's not the end of the world, of course, but it's still a misfortune, especially when makeup costs as much as it does. After all, when we spend $50-plus on a particular palette, we plan on making it last, no matter what. That means fixing our makeup and restoring it to its prior state so we don't have to shell out more money to replace it. 

How does one fix makeup, you ask? There are a couple of different ways, but it depends on what type of product you broke. Nonetheless, we went straight to expert makeup artists to ask exactly how they fix their broken products (plus to hear about their expert makeup travel hacks). Keep scrolling to see what they had to say.