7 Savvy Tricks to Fix ANY Manicure Mistake

Mastering the at-home manicure has been a lifelong goal of ours. However, we’ve come to realize that certain inevitable mistakes (a smudge here, a chip there) are just, well, inevitable. Luckily, we figured out how to “mess” up and still get perfectly polished nails, thanks to these easy tricks that will remedy any blunder.

Scroll through for seven must-know manicure fixes!

Fix Smudges When Wet

If you smudge a nail while the lacquer is still wet, dip the pad of your finger into a drop of nail polish remover and lightly rub the smudge to smooth it out. Then apply a fresh coat of lacquer to fully disguise the smudge. Already left the house? Dampen a finger with water and use the same technique to even out the polish.

Fill in Chips

First, use a fine-grit nail buffer to smooth the line between the polish and your natural nail. Then, dab, don’t sweep, the color onto the chipped area. Allow that polish to dry, and then finish with a thin layer of top coat to blend it all together.

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Repair a Broken Nail

With the right materials, you can effectively repair any broken nail. You’ll need a paper tea bag, nail glue, tweezers, and a buffer. First, tear off a small piece of the tea bag’s paper to cover the break in your nail. Then, place a small dot of nail glue right on top of the break, and, using the tweezers, carefully press the paper into the glue. Allow the glue to dry, bonding the broken nail. Once dry, gently buff the edges of the patch to smooth out any roughness. To conceal the patch, just polish your nails as usual.

Remove Stray Marks

When lacquer ends up on your skin, do bring out the remover, but do not reach for the Q-tips, which can leave behind strands of cotton that get caught in wet polish. Instead, find a small eyeliner brush or paintbrush, dip the bristles in nail polish remover, and carefully clean up any mistakes. In a pinch, washing your hands in warm water and gently rubbing the stray marks will also work. Just be sure the polish is totally dry first.

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Prevent Peeling Polish

If your nail polish peels right off in one piece, you’re only option is to fully repaint. So, when it comes to peeling polish, prevention is key. Wear gloves when washing dishes or cleaning with harsh chemicals to protect the bonds of your polish.

What’s your most common manicure mistake?

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