How to Prep for the Beach Like a Swimwear Model

how to feel good in a bikini

The fact of the matter is that every body is a bikini body. The only thing that some of us are missing when we're heading to the beach is that killer confidence. You see, feeling good in a two-piece isn't about dieting, juice fasts and cutting out the foods you love—it's about celebrating what you've got and only indulging in the beauty prep you really enjoy.

As a Sports Illustrated model, Caroline Kelley knows a thing or two about bringing a positive attitude to the beach. That's why we asked her to tell us all about her swimsuit prep, from the DIY scrub she custom blends to the Rihanna track that helps her get her head in the game. So keep scrolling to discover Caroline's top tips for feeling incredible on the beach.

BYRDIE UK: First things first, what's top of your playlist for a feel-good track?

Caroline Kelley: Right now I'm loving "Wild Thoughts" by Rihanna and DJ Khaled.

BYRDIE UK: Okay, so you're up, and you're playing "Wild Thoughts." What summer body rituals do you start your day with?

CK: I try to do some sort of cardio every day, even if it's just a long walk. It's a nice way to get some sun and fresh air.

BYRDIE UK: Let’s talk beauty. One of the quickest ways to get skin looking fresh and glowy is by using a scrub. What’s your usual exfoliating routine?

CK: I like to make my own scrub. I use sugar, coconut oil and different essential oils. I mix it up, but my go-to's are lavender and grapefruit. I'll use it every day in the shower. When I get out, my skin is still super hydrated because of the coconut oil.

BYRDIE UK: We will definitely be trying that. Are there any other summer body products you use when prepping for a bikini shoot?       

CK: Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter (£27). [Ed. note: This stuff smells delicious and feels surprisingly light for a body butter.] 

Josie Maran Whipped Argan Oil Body Butter $27

BYRDIE UK: What's your favorite self-tanner?

CK: I don't always use one, but if I do, it's St. Tropez Self Tan Classic Bronzing Mousse (£31) with a hand mitt. You really need the mitt because the tan applies much more evenly.

BYRDIE UK: And how do you deal with cellulite?

CK: With dry brushing. I use a dry brush before I shower and massage it in circular motions over any problem areas.

BYRDIE UK: Are there any spa treatments you rely on to get your skin feeling soft from head to toe?

CK: I love a good massage with natural oils. It helps to have them massaged into the skin so they really get absorbed.

BYRDIE UK: How about body makeup? Any tricks you've picked up on set?

CK: Yes! If you mix a tiny bit of liquid highlighter into body lotion and apply it before exposing your legs or body in a bikini, it helps give your skin a dewy summer glow.

BYRDIE UK: Leading up to a shoot or a beach holiday, what's your go-to exercise?

CK: A few days before, I will do the elliptical to just work off any extra water bloating. 

BYRDIE UK: When you're on set, what do you eat and drink? 

CK: I try to stay away from carbonation since it can be bloating at times. Instead, I always have tea, water or coffee. I eat everything, but I'll normally have some kind of protein like chicken or fish and sweet potato or squash. Anything easy on your stomach, as certain vegetables can be very bloating, like kale, Brussels sprouts, and broccoli.

BYRDIE UK: And, finally, what's your top tip for feeling good in a bikini?

CK: Loving your body! You have to know your body is a gift, and you should be grateful for the one you've got. Every body is beautiful.

Caroline Kelley is represented by The Lions Model Management.

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