How to Fall Asleep in Under 5 Minutes, According to Hypnotists

We are always looking for effective ways to fall asleep faster and sleep more deeply. (Truly, sleep is a bit of an obsession here at Byrdie.) We've consulted sleep specialists and researchers to learn how to conk out in record time. We've conducted our own sleep experiments and reported on the results. But what about a lesser-known perspective on sleep health? This time, we're turning to professional hypnotists.

Every day, hundreds of insomniacs flock to hypnotherapy in search of help. "Hypnotherapy is by no means a magic bullet, but it is a very powerful tool to facilitate a peaceful night's sleep," says hypnotherapist John McGrail.

According to hypnotists, there are a handful of factors that most commonly keep people from sleeping well. We consulted three trusted hypnotherapists to identify those factors and offer their best techniques for correcting them. Keep scrolling to learn hypnotists' top five tricks for falling asleep fast.