Do This Every Time You Eat, and You'll Never Gain Weight


Deliciously Ella

With each new year come new health goals. We tell ourselves we'll finally stop drinking monolithic amounts of caffeine and consuming so much gluten. But, sadly, we rarely succeed from quitting whatever food we wish to remove from our diets cold turkey. Instead, we need to know how to regulate ourselves—and our portions—in a realistic and long-term way. 

This is something easy to say, but incredibly hard to do. Personally, my vice is ice cream. No matter the temperature or season, it's rare that I don't have a small stockpile of creamy goodness cooling in the freezer. When I've tried to limit my sugar intake in the past, I'd end up bingeing after just a few days. I can't help it; the stuff beckons to me. But thanks to practicing an age-old meditation technique called mindful eating, I'm now able to resist the call. In fact, my entire diet has changed for the better. Mindful eating may be just what you need to finally reach your health goals—read on to learn how!