I Was About to Write Off All Hairstyles Until I Saw This

As a beauty editor, I probably shouldn’t say this, but I’m going to anyway: Hair can be challenging. Like, really challenging. After scrolling through social media, I’m almost always too intimidated to try a style out because I don’t want to fail—again. But just because I can’t master intricate, Pinterest-worthy styles doesn’t mean I should succumb to air-dried hair for the rest of my life. And so, eager for both motivation and inspiration, I decided to call on the expertise of Taye Hansberry.

Naturally the L.A.-based fashion and beauty influencer was the perfect person to bring in for the latest installment of our 10-minute beauty challenge. (Tune in here if you didn’t catch our previous hair and makeup challenges.) If she can complete it, so can I, I thought. Yesterday at Ulta Beauty in Santa Monica, Hansberry chose a hairstyle at random, and was given 10 minutes to shop everything she needed and create the style. Her pick? A double dutch braid–ponytail hybrid. “Dutch braid, cornrow, underbraidthey all mean the same thing and deliver that pop effect,” says Samantha Manuzak from Ulta Beauty’s Design Team.

Watch the video below to see how Hansberry made an intimidating style less so (thanks to Manuzak’s guidance), in under 10 minutes.