News Flash: You've Been Doing Squats Wrong


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There are a million products out there that lead us to believe tackling cellulite and raising our seat is easy. But we all know by now that the only thing proven to do the trick are squats. Sadly, many of us are putting in the time and effort but aren’t seeing the benefits because we’re actually doing squats all wrong. The reason? When our back and glutes are weak, we tend to overcompensate in other (stronger) areas of our body. Keep scrolling for a few dos and dont’s to ace the perfect squat.

Squat with a round back.

Let legs and knees bow outward.

Keep chest lifted.

Keep your heels down.

Another helpful trick to get it right? Try starting with chair squats. Place any desk chair with its profile in line with a full-length mirror. Using these two items to guide you, put pressure on your heels and squat down so your bum is almost touching the seat and stand back up. You can watch a full tutorial in the video below.



Once you ace your squats, try adding in weight for an extra challenge. Start small, and try only a five-pound option like Neoprene Body Sculpting Hand Weights ($18). 

Have you been doing squats wrong? Sound off below!