Soap Brows Are All Over Instagram—Here's Your 4-Step Tutorial

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IKYK: Just a simple swipe of brow gel, a few strokes of your trust eyebrow pencil, or a bit of soap with a spoolie can give you an instant confidence boost. You might have noticed that more and more celebrities have been grooming their brows to look laminated or gelled up. This look is known as soap brows.

Wondering how to do soap brows and what tools to use? Keep reading to find out everything you need to know from experts like Patrick Ta, celebrity makeup artist and founder of Patrick Ta Beauty, and Anastasia Soare, founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills.

Meet the Expert

  • Patrick Ta is a celebrity makeup artist and the founder of Patrick Ta Beauty.
  • Anastasia Soare is the founder of Anastasia Beverly Hills, which is known for its brow grooming products.

What Are Soap Brows

Soap brows, which first became popular from celebrity makeup artists like Ta and Priscilla Ono (Rihanna's makeup artist), are a brow style in the form of brushed-up, feathered brows that appear full and fluffy. It requires just two, sometimes three makeup products to achieve and can be done in a matter of minutes. "This trend's accessibility for all levels of makeup 'artist' has been vital for its success," explains Ta. "Having the ease to really shape and lock in that effortless brow is ideal for every time you glam."

Originally, soap brows were seen on the red carpet on stars like Hailey Bieber and Lily Collins, to name a few. However, the style was quickly replicated on social media apps like TikTok and Instagram and immediately went viral. Although it originally began with hard soap and a spoolie, brands have now created hard gels, special eyebrow brushes, and more, which produce the same results.

Tools You Need For Soap Brows

To achieve soap brows the 'original way', you'll need a spoolie and a bit of soap. However, as brands have launched products like brow shaping waxes and brow gels, you can replicate the same look with just one mess-free product. Makeup artists like Ta and Soare advise having a spoolie or eyebrow brush and your favorite brow lamination product to effortlessly create your soap brows.

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Gather Your Tools

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Both Soare and Ta advise gathering a transparent soap or a brow lamination product to create soap brows. "The key is a clean spoolie brush and your favorite brow lamination product (soap, wax, gel etc.) to work through the hairs to achieve that sleek look," explains Ta. In other words, the products you use are imperative to achieving your desired results.

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Activate Your Soap or Dip Into The Gel

Next, if you plan to use soap, you'll want to get it a teeny-tiny bit wet to activate it. However, if you plan to use a brow gel or wax, you'll want to use the spoolie or brush to swipe the formula from the tin or spatula onto the cap. You'll only need a little bit of product, so it pays to be careful as too much will leave a noticeable residue in your eyebrows.

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Run The Product Through Your Brows

Before application, Soare recommends making sure your brows and the surrounding areas are both clean and dry. "Start with a very small amount of product; you don't need too much and always make sure you clean your applicator or spoolie regularly so that the old product doesn't transfer and interfere with your look," she says.

Make sure to run the spoolie or eyebrow brush into the product or soap—without taking too much and then apply to your brows. "The technique I turn to most often is brushing the natural hairs up and working the product through, quickly, into the desired shape and lock the brow in by pressing the hairs into the skin," explains Ta.

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Fill In To Finish (If You Desire)

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To finish, you can leave your brows as is or take the extra step to fill in any sparseness. "I recommend lightly finishing with a brow powder an an angled brush to fill in any areas of spareness," she says. However, it's truly up to the desired brow look that you want to achieve.

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