Exactly How to Create This Mind-Boggling, Festival-Ready Braid

It seems like every time we scroll through Instagram or Pinterest, there's a new braid style popping up. Whether it's a classic three-strand braid or a new take on the fishtail, braids are always going to remain popular because of how versatile and easy they are. And now, thanks to celebrity stylist Laura Polko, the practical style just got a super-cool upgrade just in time for festival season. In the short clip from Harper's Bazaar YouTube channel, Polko infuses together a French, Dutch, and fishtail braid to create the boho-esque woven style dubbed the tapestry braid. The end result is beautiful and warm-weather ready—and surprisingly easy to re-create. But we'll let you be the judge. Check out the awesome tapestry braid tutorial below.



Top off your intricate braid with the accessory of the moment: hair accessories. What kind of braiding technique are you best at? Sound off in the comments!

Opening Image: @fakander