How to Copy This Badass Pony-Braid Hybrid

We love a voluminous ponytail, it saves hair-cred in humid scenarios in the summer. So when we spotted a pony-braid hybrid on 901Too’s Instagram, we had to find out how to replicate it. To our delight, Nikki Lee, 901Too owner and stylist to celebs like Vanessa Hudgens, gave us the play-by-play, below.

According to Lee, the first step to any bohemian updo is “prepping the hair with a dry texture spray to create a messy wave through the ends.” Try Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray ($42) for this. 

Next, Lee says “braid a side section of your hair before putting it up.” We love a thick braid (or even two) that start at the root. "Gather all the hair and smooth out the sides and back with a Mason Pearson Handy Bristle brush ($230), leaving the front messy," not smooth

Once you've achieved the right shape, Lee says to "secure the ponytail with a strong elastic so that once the ponytail is in place you can separate the hair in two and pull it tighter. This will create that nice bump and head shape through the crown." Don't forget to "finish off the braid (tending to any portion that may have unraveled) so it extends the length of the ponytail," Lee warns.

The last step is also the trick to maintaining the volume at the crown. “Secure part of the hair down on each side with a bobby pin so no matter which way you move your head around, the ponytail remains full and set in place,” explains Lee. And, voilà! You've mastered your first punky pony-braid. 

Would you rock a ponytail-braid hybrid? Sound off below!