How to Do a Manicure at Work (Without Annoying Your Colleagues)


Jenna Peffley

In our humble opinion, the office is the perfect place to give yourself a manicure—let us explain. If one were to give oneself a manicure before work, you encounter an obstacle course of potential polish-ruiners. First, there’s simply digging for your car keys. Then, there’s the whole seatbelt situation. Disastrous. If you wait until after you get home from work, you don’t have enough time to for your nails dry. They may seem dry, but you wake up in the morning with sheet creases pressed into your red nails. We rest our case. However, we realize our co-workers might not agree. It can be the tiniest bit, um, shall we say, annoying? But the good news is we’ve got it figured out.

Scroll through to find out how to do a manicure in the most discreet way.

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