Tutorial: How to Do a Knotted Ponytail

Oh, the ponytail—the most basic and most versatile hairstyle. Slick it back, make it full and voluminous, or style it one of the many ways Gigi Hadid wears her pony. It is truly the most overachieving hairstyle. At a certain point, the challenge becomes what’s next: What else can be done to upgrade the ponytail? That’s where hairstylist Anh Co Tran comes in. We asked him to show us an easy-to-achieve, looks-complicated-but-isn’t pony, and he delivered the knotted ponytail tutorial. It’s about four steps, and it involves no hot tools or styling products. Another reason to love this look? Braiding skills not required.

Paley Fairman


Split your hair right down the center, into two even sections.

Paley Fairman


Grab each section, one in each hand, and crisscross them, flipping the right over the left. You’ll need to switch hands; then pull each section taut.

Paley Fairman


Slide your grip down slightly, and use your fingers to find the opening—that’s the hole you’re going to loop one side through. Lift one tail up and thread it through the hole. Then pull each side tight to secure your knot.

Paley Fairman

Tie and Pin

Transfer both tails into one hand, and tie off your pony with a clear elastic just below the knot. Then grab a bobby pin and insert it down into the top of your knot. This should prop it up, disguise any separation between the two sections, and keep your knotted ponytail secure.

Paley Fairman


Grab a small piece of hair from the underside of your ponytail and wrap it around the hair tie. When you can’t wrap it anymore, tuck the ends in and secure them with a bobby pin.

Paley Fairman


Credits: Hair by Anh Co Tran, Makeup by Stacey Tan, Photographed by Paley Fairman, Modeled by Ali Collier, Produced by Clique Studio

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