Here's Everything You Need to Create Instagram's Favorite Eye Shadow Trend


Getty Images

Now that we're all slowly (but surely) navigating our sights away from overdone, hard to replicate, FaceTune-inspired Instagram makeup, it's time a few of the biggest makeup techniques follow suit. The cut crease—a popular eye shadow application that differentiates between the lid and the crease of the brow bone—is one of those dramatic looks that made it big on social media, with difficult-to-follow tutorials and awe-inspiring time-lapse videos.

But you don't have to say goodbye to it entirely, even if you're after a more natural look. Kelli Bartlett, the director of artistry and education for Glamsquad, explains: "This look has become popular because it redefines the eye shape, creating a defined lid and crease. Eye shapes that are more smooth or hooded can create dimension to the eye with this technique. It is very artistic and can be a great way to incorporate dramatic colors into your look. Oftentimes, a lighter color is used on the lid and a darker color on the crease—creating depth."

"However, the way to keep it from looking cheesy is to use neutral tones and blend, blend, blend," she says. "If you want to dial up the drama and channel Twiggy, use a white on the lid and a black on the crease."

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