L.A. Girls Swear By This Little-Known De-Bloating Treatment

Feeling bloated, backed-up, pore-clogged, swollen, and overall just plain icky? It happens to the best of us. We all have varying tolerances for feeling this way, but L.A. girls tend to nip it in the bud as soon as possible. Because Angelenos are known for a particular obsession with health and wellness, the city has met their demands by offering an intriguing array of establishments where a girl can go to detox. Buh-bye, bloat.

Half of Byrdie's staff lives in Los Angeles, so we have the inside scoop. Here, we're rounding up the best places to go in our fair city to detoxify your body when green juice and yoga aren't enough. There are so many fascinating options, from sensory deprivation labs to urban sweat lodges to entire detox spas.

From the West Coast straight to you, keep scrolling to read about L.A.'s 10 best places to go when you need a major reset.

1. Shapehouse

Hot to Detoxify Your Body - Shapehouse
Goddess Huntress

Shapehouse is touted as a modern sweat lodge, but it's different than your average sauna—the rooms use infrared technology, which encourages a slow, deep-cleansing sweat. The natural detox promises to result in weight loss, brighter skin, deeper sleep, and higher levels of energy. We'll take it. 

Location: Larchmont, Santa Monica, Pasadena, and West Hollywood

Pricing: $65 for a single session

2. Float Lab

Hot to Detoxify Your Body - Float Lab
Float Lab

Float Lab boasts sensory deprivation chambers to help you meditate and de-stress. It's a light- and sound-free experience in which you float in a solution of water and dissolved Epsom salt. We know that sounds a little terrifying if you're unfamiliar with the practice, but we promise it's actually relaxing (and sometimes even spiritual or out-of-body). It's so relaxing, in fact, that it promises to leave you with stabilized blood pressure, pain relief, a strengthened immune system, and improved sleep quality. Plus, it's fun. Due to the immense amount of dissolved salt, you float effortlessly and blissfully.

Locations: Venice and Westwood

Pricing: $45 for a single session

3. Blooming Waters

Hot to Detoxify Your Body - Blooming Waters
Blooming Waters

Are you familiar with the practice of colonics? Blooming Waters advocates cleaning out your large intestine via hydrotherapy (aka by flushing it out with purified water). If the idea alone makes you squirm, rest assured that it's much less invasive than it sounds. And by the way, cleaning out the colon means eliminating a huge amount of waste and toxins from your body. After just one session, you can feel a night-and-day difference in your energy, digestive system, and general well-being. 

Location: Westchester

Pricing: $110 for a single session

4. Drip Doctors

Hot to Detoxify Your Body - Drip Doctors
Drip Doctors

Drip Doctors specialize in targeted IV treatments, otherwise known as vitamin therapy. The vitamin-rich treatments bolster your body's ability to eliminate toxins and waste right from the source. Take their hangover drip, for instance, a special blend of vitamins and nutrients that thoroughly hydrates your system, effectively alleviating the worst symptoms of yesterday's late-night-with-too-many-martinis scenario. 

Location: Downtown L.A.

Pricing: Dependent upon service

5. Burke Williams Spa

Hot to Detoxify Your Body - Burke Williams Spa
Los Angeles Hot List

Burke Williams Spa's detox enhancement uses Himalayan salt and aromatherapy to not only exfoliate the skin but also detox the body and mind. Just make sure to ask for the "detox" enhancement when you book your massage.

Locations: West Hollywood and Santa Monica (other California locations listed on website)

Pricing: $169 regular price

6. Olympic Spa

Hot to Detoxify Your Body - Olympic Spa
Your Gal Kara

The aromatherapy treatment at this women-only Korean spa is equally detoxifying for the mind as it is for the body. Aptly titled the "Goddess," it involves a body scrub, seaweed body shampoo, aromatherapy massage, purifying facial, and hair rinse. Massage is well-recognized for lymphatic drainage, which is itself a form of waste removal and detoxification. 

Location: Central L.A.  

Pricing: $135

7. Hugh Spa

Hot to Detoxify Your Body - Hugh Spa
Hugh Spa

The Charcoal Mud Clay Room is the spot to be for an ultimate detox experience at this Koreatown spa. You sink into a bath of tiny clay balls that heat up your skin so it can excrete toxins. Here at Byrdie, we love the purification power of charcoal. Whether it's in skincare productstablet form, or lattes, we'll take it. 

Location: Koreatown

Pricing: Call to inquire

8. Golden Folk Wellness

Hot to Detoxify Your Body - Golden Folk Wellness
Le Abeja Herbs

Cupping was brought back to mainstream awareness after the 2016 Rio Olympics when many an athlete posted pictures of themselves with big, circular bruises on their backs. They result from the pressure, or suction, of glass cups on the skin. According to Golden Folk Wellness, "The suction of the cups mobilizes blood and lymph flow in order to promote healing and reduce pain to specific areas of the body and can help release harmful toxins." Byrdie news editor Victoria swears by it (and there's a video to prove it). 

Location: Silverlake

Pricing: $90 for a single session

9. Dtox Day Spa

Hot to Detoxify Your Body - Dtox Day Spa
The Tolucan Times

Dtox Day Spa's unique foot soak works by sending a small current through the body, producing positive ions. According to the brand, "The high concentration of the ion field attaches to the negatively charged toxins, neutralizing them, and the body is then able to discard them, allowing you to experience the correct acid-alkaline pH balance as nature intended." It's in this way that a simple foot soak can result in the removal of heavy metals and blood-clotting material from the body, all the while improving the natural detoxifying processes of the liver and kidneys. 

Location: Atwater Village

Pricing: $60 for a single session

10. Stretchlab

Hot to Detoxify Your Body - Stretchlab
Well + Good

Stretching delivers oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to cells all over your body, allowing the circulatory system to take over and remove stubborn toxins and debris. The "flexologists" at Stretchlab safely lengthen and strengthen your muscles in line with your fitness and health goals. Plus, there's something about removing physical tension that also removes the mental and emotional kinds. 

Locations: Venice, Santa Monica, and Hollywood

Pricing: contact your local Stretchlab to book

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