FYI: Your Brain Needs to Detox Too, and This Is the Best Way to Do It



Our passion for cultivating physical and mental wellness is reflected in everything from our interest in the best anti-inflammatory dietary supplements to our (somewhat) habitual workout routine and our willingness to study up on the myriad benefits of meditation. We've always had this interest—nay, obsession—with health and wellness, but as time goes on and we inevitably grow older, we've found ourselves concentrating on a specific area of health—brain health. We want to ensure we're doing everything in our power to support our memory, reasoning, and intellect, so as to stay at the top of our game for as long as possible, and eventually become one of those sharp-minded and quick-witted seniors we all know and love.

According to new research reported in the World Economic Forum, an intrinsic part of brain health is detoxification. Yes, that's right: the brain detoxifies itself just like the rest of the body, removing toxins and cellular waste to maintain its own healthy function. Researchers say there's a way we can encourage our brain's detoxification process, which might keep neurological decline (not to mention disease) at bay. Keep scrolling to get all the details.