How to Detox Your Body After Partying Too Hard

Holiday soirées, happy hours, weddings, office parties, and a whole lot of relaxation—these are only some of the things that make the holiday season the most decadent and festive time of the year. One thing the holidays also usher in is a host of sweet libations (aka booze) that leave us puffy and swollen. Hot toddies and eggnog are fun, but feeling like you want to wear pajamas for the next four months? Not so much. Want to know how to detox your body after one too many cocktail, parties, and cocktail parties?

To prevent the unsightly side effects of partying too hard, you want to make hydration and circulation your top priorities. Alcohol can also be the culprit for poor sleep, cellular mineral imbalance, and what we like to call “impaired food judgment.” Ideally, you'll want to prepare your body by properly hydrating 24 hours before your event, limiting caffeine and salt, and loading up on leafy greens and water-rich vegetables. But if all else fails, the following tricks should help you de-puff after the party ends.

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