Yes, Detoxing Your Armpits Is Now a Thing

After discovering my holy grail natural deodorant last year, I committed to never using a traditional formula again. It's a personal decision, and one I realise isn't for everyone, but it's one of the best things I've ever done. It took me a while to find a natural product that actually worked (seriously—I must have tested dozens), smelled good, and didn't require me to scoop it out with my fingers. Now that I have, I'm not turning back. In fact, I'm actually stepping things up a level, because detoxing your armpits is now a thing.

If you haven't heard of armpit detoxing, let me intro you. Essentially, proponents believe that the armpits are a natural detox route through which the body excretes toxins. The theory goes that using conventional antiperspirants and deodorants can block these points, stopping toxins from being excreted. The point of a targeted detox then, is to restore armpit health (remember, there are lymph nodes under your arms) by magnetically drawing out toxins, heavy metals and impurities. Advocates swear an armpit detox can dramatically reduce body odour, with some swearing they no longer need deodorant afterwards.

One of the best-known armit detox products on market right now is Earth Purities Detox-A-Pit ($25), so for more info, I reached out to Nourished Life naturopath Mel Ruckley. For intel on how armpit detoxes work (and whether they really, honestly do) and who they benefit most, keep reading.

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How Does It Work?

"The Detox-A-Pit ingredients (a combination of Australian food grade bentonite clay, diatomaceous earth, activated charcoal, organic apple cider vinegar, colloidal silver and coconut oil) and formula carry a strong negative ionic charge which bonds to the positive ionic charge found in many toxins. When it comes into contact with a toxin, chemical or heavy metal, Detox-A-Pit absorbs the toxins and magnetically draws them to the surface of the skin to expel them from the body. When you wash the formula off in the shower you wash away these toxins, which restore the bacterial imbalances in the armpit area, leaving you odour-free."

How Do You Do It?

The best time to apply Detox-A-Pit is just before you shower. Wet a facewash and clean the armpit. With your fingers apply a half teaspoon to the underarm area and disperse evenly. Wash your fingers and allow formula to work its magic for 10 to 30 minutes. Then wash it off in the shower. The recommended usage is 7-10 days; however, everybody is different and some may require a longer detox period. You will know when you are completely detoxed as sweat will have no odour."

Is There Any Evidence That It Works?

"We have only carried out an in-house independent review on Detox-A-Pit. We rang 25 customers who had purchased Detox-A-Pit from our website and 100% of these customers had a positive experience using Detox-A-Pit. The results varied from; elimination of odour, a clearing up of rashes and redness, smoother armpits, and less discolouration. Reviews of Detox-A-Pit on Nourished Life speak for themselves. The product has an overall rating of 4.8 with the majority of reviewers giving Detox-A-Pit 5-stars and leaving positive comments."

How Can We Minimize Exposure to Toxins?

"The first thing would be to go as natural as possible to reduce the amount of chemicals entering the body. We all build up toxins in our bodies in many ways, some days worse than others. Toxins can build up through food choices, alcohol, the pesticides found on food, environmental factors, air conditioning, and the list goes on. What's important to realise is that the armpit area is an exit point for toxins to escape the body. When we use commercial deodorants that contain aluminium we block these exit points and essentially halt the natural process of expelling toxins. To summarise; stop using as many chemical products as possible, switch to a natural deodorant or use Detox-A-Pit daily and drink plenty of water."

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