19 Ways to Detox That Don't Involve Dieting


Urban Outfitters

It's naive to think that reversing bad habits doesn't take some time and effort. But is it really so terrible to think that detoxing shouldn't have to be, well, terrible? Call us optimists, but we're thinking that maybe cleansing doesn't have to be so painful.

For starters, stop thinking about detoxing as a purely dietary pursuit. Just like there are plenty of other areas of our lifestyles that fall subject to excess and indulgence, there are countless ways to reboot your body and mind. Your skin, for example, is a big one. Wouldn't it be nice to uncover a glowing complexion just by making a few tweaks and swapping out a few products?

With this spirit in mind, we asked some of the healthiest and happiest influencers we know for their advice on detoxing without restricting your meal plan—or really, restricting yourself at all. Sure, you might have to practice some tough love, but you'll never have to look at a green juice or feel lightheaded. Of our 19 methods for cleansing your skin, hair, and body, we're rooting for you if you adopt just one. In other words, no pressure—but by all means, go for it!

What are your favorite ways to clean up your routine and get back to basics? Tell us your ideas in the comments below!