How to Detox Your Skin and Start the Year Fresh


Urban Outfitters

New year, new you—except, to be honest, you’re feeling kind of… tired. Which isn’t surprising, considering the month of December is full of cheer, but also constant holiday parties, family gatherings, and cold, blustery temps. In other words, not exactly a relaxing time for you—or your skin. If you’re entering 2018 with a dull, tired complexion, it might be time to consider a detox.

Luckily, no juicing is involved—just some key skincare products and a pot of boiling water (we’ll explain). Your skin will emerge from this seven-step program feeling refreshed and renewed—like it just spent a week at a Gwyneth-approved spa retreat (well, maybe not quite on that level but close). Ready to reset your skin and go back to your former glowy, er, glory days? Keep scrolling to find out exactly how to detox your skin after a party-filled month (or year—no judgment).

The road to recovery isn’t easy—but we think you’ll do just fine (and your skin will thank you). You can read about our three-day skin cleanse journey for some inspiration.

This story was originally published at an earlier date and has since been updated.