How to Detangle Bleached or Balayaged Hair Without Any Damage



For as long as I can remember, my hair has been hiding a secret. Under the flowing, golden waves lay a cluster of knots and tangles. They are completely unintentional and for so long, have seemed totally unavoidable. No matter how much I brush or condition my hair, I only have to sneeze for my hair to tangle.

A handful of people know about my hair's secret: A famous London hairdresser had to cut one of my tangles out, and at another salon I had three assistants come at me clutching Tangle Teezers and determined faces.

I decided if I was going to keep my hair long (I had been toying with a Georgia Fowler-esque bob, but that's a story for another time), I had to find a real, tangible detangling solution.

My hair is long and balayaged, and tends to tangle around the mid-lengths where the texture is drier and the strands brush against collars and scarves. I knew this wouldn't be solved by a one-product wonder, so after much trial and error, these are the nine (yes, nine) products that keep my tangles at bay.

Amy Lawrenson wavy hair
Pureology Hydrate Shampoo
Pureology Hydrate Shampoo $30.00

I have tried more shampoos and conditioners than I can recount, but what I do know is that this one is sulfate-free and leaves my strands clean and silky.

Pureology Hydrate Conditioner
Pureology Hydrate Conditioner $32.00

I follow up with the conditioner, which smells minty fresh and contains jojoba, green tea and sage to condition, alongside soy, oat and wheat proteins meant to repair and strengthen strands. My hair is always silky, soft and manageable after using this.

Christophe Robin Detangling Gelee
Christophe Robin Detangling Gelée $39.00

Packed with sea minerals to nourish the scalp and strands, alongside a hefty dose of emollients, this gel-like formula makes light work of tangles. I simply work it through the hair after shampooing and then just condition my very dry ends.

Unite 7 Seconds Detangler
Unite 7 Seconds Detangler $30.00

Hands down, this is the best leave-in detangling conditioner I have ever used. It's perfect for colored hair that's on the dry side and gets rids of knots in just a few spritzes. Oh, and it protects from heat, too.

Lore Legend Hair Mask
Løre Legend Hair mask $53.00

Every Sunday is mask day in my house. This box of six sachets contains a formula packed with omega-rich acids, vegetable proteins and antioxidants meant to strengthen hair, reduce frizz static and tangles, and prevent color from fading. It leaves strands soft, yet easy to style.

Wet Brush
Wet Brush Classic in Black $8.00

This does what it says on the tin: it's a brush you can use on wet hair without fear of breakage. It does a good job of painlessly detangling knots.

GHD Paddle Brush
GHD Paddle Brush $35.00

On dry hair, I use this paddle brush, which is incredibly good at detangling the hair and leaving it looking smooth and shiny. It's well worth the price tag.

BB Don't Blow It Thick (H)air Styler
Bumble and bumble BB Don't Blow It Thick (H)air Styler $31.00

If you air-dry your hair like me, then a little of this will help your strands dry without a hint of frizz or a whisper of a tangle; you're left with beautifully air-dried strands every time. There is a version for fine hair, too.

Oribe Run-Through Detangling Primer
Oribe Run-Through Detangling Primer $37.00

When I do blow-dry my hair, I lean on this detangling primer, which is packed with oils (pomegranate, coconut and apricot) meant to seal and smooth the cuticles, so the brush glides through my mid-lengths and ends with ease. It gets rid of frizz and static, too.

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